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The septic odors choking you out are coming from your sewer and septic tank vents, because that's the way they were designed.

First, all drain and sewage waste from your house flows into a sewer or septic tank.
NO more stink pulled into
your airconditioner
NO more stink drifting
in open windows
NO more smelly weekends
at your cabin
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Gases to Fertilizer
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Secondly, as wastewater flows into any drain, foul, toxic, gas is displaced and must be vented, or the water will not go down the drain.  New and Old,  all drain designs minimize plumbing costs, which although less expensive initially, make sewer odors far more common.

In many areas it in now law that all drain pipe roof vents are fitted with
activated carbon filter vents when a new house is constructed or when aerated septic tanks are used.

However, they can be installed into existing systems which is often necessary to assure odor free operation of the vent pipe.
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Solar Powered Septic Tank Aerators
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Septic Root Dissolver
Eliminates Tree Roots
Helps restore drainage to clogged drain fields.
Washing Machine Lint Traps
Discharge water from a washing machine is laced with enough lint, hair, and non-biodegradeable fibers to carpet your living room once a year.

When it drains into a utility sink, the debris clogs the drainpipes and can destroy your septic tank leach field and treatment system. Our polyester bag traps lint before it enters the drain by fastening it over the end of the washer discharge hose. Replace it every 2-3 weeks. Our LT-1 kit has a finer mesh to trap more fibers than any other filter tested. One package includes 1 lint traps and locking velcro straps.